Tampa Bay Boating Staycation

family boating tampa bayMost families understand the importance of a vacation as it allows some great bonding time and offers many ways to help grow the relationships within your family. In order to go on a vacation, many families set aside discretionary income to do this and plan their adventure for the upcoming year. At Carefree Boat Club of Tampa Bay, we want to invite you to come down and stay with us during your vacation. As a fellow boat club member, you are allowed up to 8 visits per year at any other locations not including your “home club” and we would be happy to accommodate you and your family at one of our 3 Tampa Bay Boating Club locations listed below:

Carefree Boat Club
Address: 12458 145th Ln, Largo, FL 33774
Phone:(727) 400-1218


Carefree Boat Club
Boat Club
Address: 527 Anclote Rd #130, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689
Phone:(727) 631-5737


Carefree Boat Club
Boat Club
Address: 200 Madonna Blvd, Tierra Verde, FL 33715
Phone: 866-539-2628

Taking time to spend your vacation in the Tampa Bay area is a great choice since we have all kinds of activities to do including boating, shopping, amusement parks, the beach, and who can forget, bathing in the warm Florida sun! As a boat club member, you can simply book your trip and then reserve your boat on our online reservation system for the days you and your family want to go out. Since we have three locations spread out in Tampa Bay, you will be able to experience the blue waters of the gulf from many different places with all their own unique attributes.

boating caledesi islandFrom the northern Tampa Bay waters of Tarpon Springs, you can travel out to Anclote Key where just south of there was rated the #1 beach in the United States at Caledesi Island. Here you can fish for trout or just relax in the calming waters of Honeymoon Island, Caladesi island, or Anlote Key. Another little side adventure is to take a trip down the river and visit the historic sponge docks in Tarpon Springs by boat. Experiencing some of the festivals and parades in Tarpon by boat is an experience in itself!

boating tampa bay intercoastal waterwayOur Largo location has great access to the intercoastal waters which is a great way to boat, especially if the winds are higher and the waves in the gulf are too big to boat. The intercoastal is blocked from the gulf by a group of islands making it a very peaceful cruise if you decide to travel this route.

boating egmont keyLastly, our new club in Tierre Verde island has the easiest access to Tampa Bay itself and is only minutes away from the Skyway bridge and magnificent fishing! Many of our club members like to take the boats out to Egmont Key for some family fun or some like to go to Shell Island to find unique souvenirs for the kids. Whichever club you choose to take a boat out, you are sure to have a great time and a safe trip.
For reservations or more information about the Tampa Bay Boat Clubs, call our main number at 866-539-2328 and ask for Marty. We can also point you in the right direction of where to stay and where the locals love to eat! Happy Boating!